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Here are the resources, tips and strategies used by Sacramento residents who now save hundreds on the cost of insurance. One effective way to save more on car insurance in Sacramento is by taking proper steps to reduce risk and keep citations off of your driving record. Provided below are a few ways you can do just that…

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Sacramento Tickets and Violations:

Have you received a ticket recently? It’s important to request traffic school at the first chance you get. If you wait too long to request to attend traffic school you may lose the chance. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind for acceptance into the course.

~ You must have not attended a traffic school in the last 18 months.
~ The offense must not be too serious. No car chases.
~ If you have moving violation or something within reason, you may be eligible.
~ You must be permitted by the Court to take the course.

What ever you do, do not try and fight the ticket and then ask for traffic school.

So what will this do for you?

This is your way out of having a ticket being added to your driving record. This is a good idea for anyone who wants to maintain low car insurance rates or employment in some cases if your job requires a lot of driving and a clean record.

Avoiding Vehicle Theft Hot Spots
Moving to Sacramento? Know the hot spots for car thieves…

Get into an area where auto theft is low. This will help keep your rates affordable. The city of Sacramento has provided a system where you can see the number of auto thefts reported within the last three months. The image below provides a map of Sacramento’s East side which shows auto thefts reported between January 2010 through April 2010. For maps in your neighborhood visit

Here are some effective tips you can use to get the cheap car insurance rates you deserve such as shopping in advance, comparing insurance quotes and taking advantage of discounts available. Read more about how you can get cheap car insurance in Sacramento California.

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