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Before you shop…

Before you begin to compare insurance quotes for California auto or homeowners coverage you should first familiarize yourself with some of the insurance basics provided below.

California Auto Insurance

Your Automobile insurance policy is simply a contract that will help pay for types of financial loss resulting from the use of your vehicle. For a paid premium the insurance company will agree to pay certain expenses as well as possible legal liabilities. The amount the insurance company will pay will depend on the individual policy. By law, car owners must maintain a required minimum amount of automotive liability insurance in California.

Your auto insurance rates in California will depend on a number of factors. The most common factors include the Insured’s driving safety record, the number of miles the owner drives each year and driving experience (years behind the wheel). Some companies will offer lower rates to those who drive less than 7,500 miles per year. Keeping your driving record clean is key to having cheaper insurance rates in California. If you happen to get a ticket you should always consider taking a course to keep points off your driving record. Learn more about auto insurance discount options here.

What information should I have when shopping for new auto insurance in California?

Driver Information:

You should have in front of you information for all drivers you plan on placing on your auto insurance policy. This information includes names, ages DOB, sex, marital status, driving history, annual mileage and the vehicle information.

Vehicle Information:

The information you’ll need from each car includes the full vehicle identification number (VIN), the year make and model as well as the value and any special equipment installed on the vehicle.

If you’re looking for the cheapest insurance rates in California you may want to read over some of these tips I personally use that have saved our readers hundreds on the cost of car insurance.

When shopping for auto and home insurance in California always consider quoting both needs together. This may be the best way to reduce your overall insurance expense and earn a low cost discount insurance rate. Independent Agents have a great ability to compare package policies to variety of standalone policies to see what is best for your financially. In some cases placing your auto insurance with company “A” and your homeowners insurance with company “B” is cheaper than a package policy with company “C”. After receiving a quote for both try quoting them separately to see which method works best for you.