Tucson Allstate Insurance Agent

Allstate is actually a very good company. I had Allstate at one time and was very pleased with this company. Here are some local reviews of a local Allstate Agent, Shannon Burke, who provides insurance services here in Tucson. You can get in contact with her at (520) 742-6683

Sharliene was excellent. She was very informative and provided us with our next steps and things to be aware of. She was never high-pressure, pushy or anything else generally associated with someone in her position. She was though, very helpful and consultative which we very much appreciated. She even offered to contact our existing insurance company to help us terminate our relationship with them — not something she had to do but offered!

Very appreciative of all the assistance any time I have a question! I am very grateful for all the fun things you do for your clients. You and your staff are always friendly and helpful. Thanks so much

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